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Blackstar HT5RS Overview

Bring a full stack on the road without breaking your back (or your roadie's) with the Blackstar HT-5RS Mini Stack. The HT5-RS is based on Blackstar's HT-5RH 5-watt tube amplifier head which has two footswitchable channels, digital reverb, an effects loop, and Blackstar's Infinite Shape Feature (ISF), which changes the overall sound characteristic of the amplifier and can bring forth both British and American tones, as well as blend them in any ratio by twisting a single knob.

The HT-5RS comes with two 1x12" speaker cabinets. You can use both cabinets simultaneously for maximum output or only one to lighten the load, depending on the gig. Having dual cabinets can also be useful in the studio for recording with multiple microphones without crowding a single speaker.

Blackstar HT-5RH 5W Tube Guitar Amplifier Head (Black)

The black HT-5RH from Blackstar is a 5W tube guitar amplifier head with two channels for Clean and Overdrive, and built-in digital reverb. An included footswitch allows you to easily switch between the channels. The amp's compact size and versatile features make it ideal for recording, practice, jamming, performance, and more.

Using a 12BH7 tube for rich harmonics and compression, the HT-5RH's power section features a low-powered push-pull design capable of producing the crunch and break-up characteristics of a traditional 100W output stage, but at a much lower volume. An ECC83 tube is used to drive the preamp section.

The HT-5RH also includes a stereo speaker emulated output, which allows you to send the lush tube tone straight to tape or disk, or through headphones. A voicing switch allows you to change the tonal characteristics of the emulated signal between 4x12" closed-back or 1x12" open-back cabinet types. Furthermore, the speaker emulated output can be used at the same time as the internal speaker or an extension cab; it provides headphones-free monitoring or the choice to blend a mic'd speaker and an emulated signal together when recording. Also, the speaker output can be turned off for silent practice or recording.

Add to this an effects loop with switchable level enables you to use it with either guitar-level effects such as stompboxes or pro gear, 16 and 8 Ohm speaker outputs, and a stereo MP3/line input to allow you to jam along with your favorite tracks, and you have everything you need for recording or practicing.

Uses one ECC83 tube and one 12BH7 tube
Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) control allows you to adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings, so you can dial in your own signature sound with the characteristics and response you prefer
Two footswitchable channels to allow you to switch between the Clean channel and the Overdrive channel
Digital reverb
Enhanced tone controls
Cool vintage styling