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Marshall Jvm410h Topteil 100 watt

Marshall Jvm410h Topteil 100 watt

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Marshall JVM-410 H electric guitar top with 100 watts
100 watt head, 4 channels, 12 basic sounds, programmable, including footboard MR-PEDL00044, very elaborately designed full tube amp

Features Marshall JVM-410H:

  • 4 channels in all-tube technology, without semiconductors in the signal path
  • Dedicated three-band tone control as well as gain & volume for each channel
  • 12 basic sounds that can be selected directly via footswitch or MIDI
  • Each basic sound works with its own relay-switched network
  • Channel memory saves the last used sound configuration - i.e. all switching states
  • Freely configurable 6-way foot switch included in delivery
  • Marshall EL34 power amplifier with presence and resonance control
  • 2 switchable and programmable master volumes
  • Digital reverb with individual control for each channel
  • Programmable parallel effects loop with hardware bypass circuit
  • Serial insert loop with hardware bypass circuit
  • Emulated DI Out for mixer connection
  • 5x ECC83 and 4x EL34 tubes
  • Dimensions: 750 x 310 x 215 mm
  • Weight: only 22kg

There is only one suitable expression for Marshall's 410H head: State of the Art! Because despite all the options that this head offers the user, no compromises have been made in terms of sound quality. That's why Marshall's technicians offer the important relay functions (e.g. the selection of one of the 12 basic sounds and the master volume selection) in a way that can be easily programmed for footswitch or MIDI recall, instead of succumbing to the temptation to make any unnecessary control positions storable. The only technically acceptable technical solution for this would be motorized potentiometers, which in practice react unacceptably slowly. When it comes to power amplifier technology, Marshall naturally relies on the EL34 configuration of the legendary 100 watt JCM 00 tops, which has been tried and tested for decades.

Marshall's brand new high-tech all-tube amps set a new standard in guitar amplification. Their outstanding concept delivers twelve independent basic sound circuits in four channels - despite the enormous possibilities of these 100 watt amps without a single semiconductor in the signal path! This means that these amps always remain dynamic and always benefit 100% from the qualities of real tube amplification. For each of the existing basic sound modes (three per channel), the important switching relay functions (i.e. reverb, effect and master volume selection) can be freely saved and can therefore be controlled at the same time using the six-fold footswitch supplied. The footswitch functions can be individually configured and saved by the user - this incredibly comfortable stageboard is connected to the amp using a simple standard guitar cable of any length! Users of multi-effect devices can alternatively save all conceivable basic sound setups to 12 different MIDI locations and retrieve them using a program change command.

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