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Product description

The 88-key folding piano and MIDI controller is a fun and convenient way to grab and make music on the go. It offers 88 full-size keys for a real sense of playing and muscle memory development, with 128 onboard sounds, 128 onboard rhythms, as well as 30 backing tracks, stereo speakers, and more. With up to 8 hours of normal playtime on a full charge, you can really enjoy playing wherever you want. When you're done, it folds up for easy storage.

It includes:

Unique Folding Piano
Sustain Pedal
USB Charging Cable
Notes Identifier Stickers to Help Learn to Play and Read Music
Brand Tote Bag
Instruction Manual

Weighing just 3.5 pounds and measuring only 13 inches long when folded, the Carry-on Folding Piano is a unique full-length 88-key piano in a collapsible, easy-to-store, and portable format. Thanks to its clever design, the keys feel like a real instrument, making the Carry-on digital piano the perfect solution for beginning students and seasoned professionals. Play anywhere, anytime with headphones or the built-in stereo speakers.

Previously, travel solutions had smaller keys, while roll-up solutions lacked the feel of a real instrument. That is why the 88-key piano was conceived; A full-size keyboard with proper feel and feel in a compact form factor that fits in a small bag or backpack. Now you can have a full-size piano performance, wherever you go.