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ART ProMIX 3-Channel Portable Mono Microphone Submixer

ART ProMIX 3-Channel Portable Mono Microphone Submixer

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The ART ProMIX is a four-channel microphone mixer designed as an effective solution for mixers and preamps with minimal microphone inputs. The ProMIX features 3 microphone inputs with 3-pin XLR female connectors. The mixer is capable of supplying 12V phantom power to condenser microphones (18V if you utilize two 9V batteries).

A single, balanced XLR male mic-level output is provided. A 1/4" headphone output doubles as an alternate line-level output. Low-frequency cut off eliminates hum and rumble, and level adjustment controls are located on each channel.

3 Microphone Inputs
The ProMIX features 3 microphone channels with balanced 3-pin XLR female connectors.
Balanced Mic-Level Output
The main output features a single, microphone-level 3-pin XLR male output. The Output is also balanced for maximum gain with low noise.
Headphone / Auxiliary Output
The headphone output features a 1/4" phone connection and doubles as a secondary (unbalanced) line-level output.
Phantom Power
The ProMix is capable of providing 12V phantom power with the supplied AC adapter.
AC & Battery Operated
The mixer is designed to operate with the included 12 VDC power supply or a pair of 9V alkaline batteries.
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