XONE:DB4 Digital DJ FX Mixer with Four FX Engines, Serato certified

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Quad FX Core

XONE: DB4 has a powerful Quad FX Core DSP engine enabling each channel to have its own FX banking and BPM detection system. The BPM system automatically synchronizes the time-related FX and loops to the tempo of the music, making it easy to build grooves and sound images without the problems of delayed latency, which is generally associated with using software and laptops. DB4 provides an intuitive layout and divides FX into 5 categories; delays, repetitions, resonators, modulators and damage, giving you easy access to choose the type of power you want. In addition, additional parameters for each effect can be changed using the global controllers in the FX master section. In addition, the mixer can be used as a stereo multi-channel effect processor when digitally inserted into your chosen DAW.


XONE: DB4 has a loop section that allows automatic looping of a track up to 4 bars at 60BPM or higher. The loop lengths can be shortened and extended as you like while playing, giving you the freedom for more creative control during your DJ performances. A convenient feature of loops is that it works in ROLL mode, which means that the track will continue to play even if you can only hear the loop. There are 2 modes of operation with the loop switch. The first is locking activation, so a short press on the switch locks the loop on and also to turn it off. The second is instant activation, so by pushing and holding the switch, it will turn the loop on and then release it automatically turns off the loop.

Trimodal EQ

Selected on XONE: DB4 is an EQ section that can work in 3 different ways and the EQ knobs light up to correspond to which mode is activated. The 3 different modes include insulator mode, EQ mode and filter mode. The isolator mode provides a steeper 24 dB / octave grind for tight frequency isolation, while normal EQ mode has a gentle 12 dB / octave slope that provides more precise control over the frequency spectrum. Choose what best suits your blending style. The filter mode changes the settings completely from a normal EQ to a low and high pass filter. The rotary dampers are changed to become filters and a resonance control to give you more control over filtration.

Dual Filter System

A dual filter system is mounted on XONE: DB4, a filter that emulates the analog filters and is a key feature of most XONE products. The XONE filter allows the user to use a combination of the filter types (LP, HP, BP) to achieve dynamic effects and can be used on each channel. A resonant control is also available that reproduces the classic analog VCF sounds. Change the range from mild to wild to achieve a more dramatic effect with a higher frequency stop.

USB Save and Memory

The XONE: DB4 Mixer allows you to save and retrieve settings on another XONE: DB4 Mixer. Your DB4 settings including measurement mode, BPM range, USB audio routing and screen brightness can all be saved on a USB and then connected to another XONE: DB4 mixer and recalled.

MIDI Control

Along with its versatility and features, there is an additional feature in the mixer that doubles as a MIDI controller, allowing the loop and FX selection controls to send MIDI data without having to change the mixer settings. DB4 can generate internal MIDI clock, which can be used to control the tempo of a connected DAW via USB.


  • Quad FX core (each channel has its own FX bank and BPM detection system)
  • Looper section for each channel
  • Xone double filter system
  • Matrix input (choose between analog, USB and digital stereo music sources)
  • Trimodal EQ
  • X: LINK
  • Mix / line input
  • Integrated sound card (24-bit / 96kHz)
  • USB port for saving and retrieving settings on another XONE: DB4
  • MIDI control
  • Output patchbay (booth, record and headphones)
  • Lightweight chassis (DB4's lightweight aluminum chassis is designed to make traveling with the console easy)
  • Several effects are divided into categories


Digital architecture specification

  • Analog / digital conversion: 24 bit
  • Analog / digital line-up: + 12dBu = 0dBFS
  • DSP processing: 24 bit I / O + 48 bit EQ
  • DSP core sample rate: 48kHz
  • USB sound card sampling frequency range: 48kHz