Vox Pathfinder 15R

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Input Jack: Standard 1/4-inch jack for guitar connection.
- Gain Control: Set higher for crunch and distortion sounds and lower for cleaner tones.
- Boost Switch: Press in for more gain and distortion. Press out for cleaner sounds. You can turn this function on and off remotely with the optional VFS2 Footswitch.
- Volume Control: Controls the overall volume. Set high for clean sounds. Lower the level when setting the Gain control high for distortion.
- Treble Control: Adjusts the higher frequencies or treble in your tone, from soft and full at one extreme to bright and cutting at the other.
- Bass Control: Adjusts the lower frequencies or bass in your tone, from warm and light at one extreme to dark and heavy at the other.
- Tremolo Speed Control: Controls the speed at which the built in tremolo oscillates.
- Tremolo Depth Control: Controls the intensity of the built in tremolo.
- Boost/Tremolo foot switch jack: For the connection to the optional VFS2 dual On/Off footswitch with which you can turn both the Boost and the Tremolo functions on and off independently.
- Power ON/OFF switch & LED: On/Off switch for mains (AC) power to amplifier. Plus power indicator LED.
- External Speaker Output jack: For connection to an alternative speaker cabinet.
- Headphone Output jack: The headphone jack on the rear panel mutes the built-in speaker and lets the guitarist play "silently" at any time.
- Line Output jack: Specially filtered line level signal for recording/live work.
- The usual Vox cosmetic refinements: the gold logo, basket-weave vinyl, white piping, gold facial strip and the diamond fret cloth.
- Specially designed "Blue" speaker
- Pointer Knobs
- Vox Handle

* Note: Pathfinder 15R has one extra control for Reverb level
* Specification subject to change