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A Real Grab-and-go 2 x 10 Bass Cab

Need to travel light but can't afford to give up heavy bass tone? Check out the TC Electronic K-210, the smallest member of the K series bass cabinet line, which is the successor of the popular BC speaker cab series. The K-210 is pure magic when you pair it up with TC's BH550 or BH800 TonePrint bass amplifier, and for being a 2 x 10" cabinet, it's incredibly light, super-tough, and dependably roadworthy. Sweetwater bass players really love the focus and clarity offered by the K-210's TC Electronic/LAVOCE speakers, which include a 1" high-frequency driver for enhanced articulation. If you want tight punch and clear mids, then the TC Electronic K-210 is a good fit for you.

TC Electronic K-210 Bass Cabinet Features:

  • A lightweight and incredibly rugged 2 x 10" bass cabinet
  • 8-ohm cabinet loaded with 2 x 10" TC Electronic/LAVOCE speakers
  • 1" HF driver provides excellent full-range articulation
  • The perfect companion for your BH550 or BH800 TonePrint bass amp
  • Vintage aesthetics go well with any bass rig
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