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These are passive column-array speakers, designed for professional AV and architectural installations in environments such as houses of worship, conference rooms, education, stadia concourses, hotel industry or retail. The three models available within the VLS range have passive crossovers and asymmetrical vertical dispersion to provide 'pleasing acoustic output'.

The VLS 7 houses seven, 3.5-inch, drivers and is designed particularly for speech-only systems where a strong mid-frequency response is required.

The VLS 15 has seven, 3.5 inch, low-frequency drivers and eight, 1 inch, high-frequency drivers. The VLS 30 has fourteen, 3.5 inch, low-frequency drivers and sixteen, 1 inch, high-frequency drivers. Both of these are more suited to situations where full-range music and speech are required.

All three models are IP65 rated for dust and water ingress and are resistant to UV light, so the speakers are suitable for covered outdoor applications as well as those indoors.

The speaker inputs are located on the rear panel in the form of internally parallel connected barriers strips that are compatible with wire up to 4mm sq. A rotary switch, located above the input connections on the back panel, allows switching from low impedance mode to 70V/100V distributed line tappings of 5W (70V line only) 9.5W, 19W, 37.5W, 75W, and 150W.

The speakers are made using an aluminium extrusion with a painted, stainless-steel, speaker-protection grille and are available in RAL9003 white or RAL9004 black. They can be mounted to wall or ceiling using the supplied wall or flying brackets. Optional VLS pan/tilt brackets are available in both black, 76-1446, and white, 76-1447.

VLS 7 VLS 15 VLS 30
3.5 inch LF drivers: 7 7 14
1 inch HF drivers: - 8 16
Horizontal dispersion (1): 130 degrees 130 degrees 130 degrees
Vertical dispersion (1): +6, -22 degrees +6, -22 degrees +3, -11 degrees
Frequency response (2): 150Hz - 11kHz 150Hz - 30kHz 120Hz - 22kHz
Maximum SPL: 118dB 120dB 126dB
Power handling, average: 150W 200W 400W
Power handling, programme: 300W 400W 800W
Power handling, peak: 600W 800W 1600W
Amplifier (3): 450W, 8 ohms 600W, 8 ohms 1200W, 4 ohms
Nominal impedance: 12 ohms 12 ohms 6 ohms
Height(4): 816.5mm 816.5mm 1460.5mm
Weight: 10kg 10.5kg 20kg

Note (1): -6dB. (2): -3dB. (3): Recommended power. (4) Width: 121mm; depth: 146mm.

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