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Suzuki Trumpet

Suzuki Trumpet

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Silver Plated 7C Mouthpiece

Recommended by teachers and players alike, Suzuki trumpets come standard with 7C sized mouthpieces for easy playability in all registers. The highest grade silver plating procedures produce the richest tone with ease of tone production throughout the whole instrument. A Suzuki trumpet has a vibrant, warm and centered tone that will blend with any trumpet or brass section and be encouraging to players at all levels.

Long Lasting Monel Piston Valves

The most crucial part of any trumpet is the valve mechanism. These must operate flawlessly every time in order to produce the correct, selected note. Many trumpets made for student use have piston valves that are poorly polished or made from materials that will wear out quickly. Suzuki trumpets have high grade Monel valves with expertly polished valve casings, resulting in long lasting, virtually trouble free function.

Professional Logo Engraving

Found on only the most expensive imported professional Trumpets, all Suzuki Trumpets have expertly hand engraved logos. Students will take pride in knowing that their instrument has the quality look, feel and sound of an instrument that cost much more.

Tuning Slides Have Finely Engineered Tolerances

For an authentic professional feel, the tuning slides move easily for proper tuning. Machined to exacting tolerances, much attention has been given to this area of the trumpet manufacture. Two finger ring hooks are placed to properly and comfortably fit the student level player's hand. Additionally, Suzuki trumpets feature 2 water keys that allow for easy removal of condensation throughout the entire instrument, making for a cleaner sound and easy tone production.

Gold Lacquer Finish with Nickel Silver Slides

A gold color lacquer is the color of choice for most trumpet teachers and players. This pure lacquer adds to the richness of the trumpets tone quality as well as its professional appearance. To avoid corrosion, we add contrasting nickel slides. The combination is a beautiful instrument that will give years of musical performance.

Additional Features

  • Two water keys
  • Two slide finger hooks
  • Double brace
  • 0.53" bore, 5.24" bell
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