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SKB semi-hard case for classic/singlineleaco 'SKB-SC30'.
It is light weight and durable case with canvas that can store a common classical guitar and hard form. In 600 denier canvas, featuring a convenient Pocket as accessories for outside, bug packs trapping pad specification also has. Inside a velvet type fabric covering to molded blocks for the neck, than a conventional gig secure and stable storage is available.

■ brand :SKB
■ Model :SKB-SC30
■ Type: for classic/singlineleaco
■ Overall length: 1,020 mm
■ Upper body width: 295 mm
■ Body waist width: 380 mm
■ Body bottom width: 380 mm
■ Thickness: 110 mm
■ from the neckline support of head length: 210 mm
■ from the neckline support of body length: 495 mm