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  • Complete production studio with sampling, sequencing, effects and CD burner
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads with aftertouch for programming beats and arranging audio material
  • Powerful 136-track sequencer (128 MIDI tracks + 8 stereo audio tracks) with simple software-like operation and real-time timestretch
  • Linear or pattern-based composition mode with pattern play mode for spontaneous live performance
  • Drum Grid for easy rhythm programming
  • 3-band EQ for audio tracks and instruments
  • Level, pan and mute automation for individual audio tracks and automation of MFX slider movements
  • Sampler compatible with a variety of audio formats: Audio CD, .WAV/AIFF, ACID, Akai MPC2000 series and Roland S-700 series
  • 128MB RAM; expandable to 512MB for 100 minutes recording time (mono)
  • Separate reverb, chorus/delay and MFX processors plus mastering tools
  • Stereo mic/line and phono inputs, plus stereo analog and digital master outputs (S/P-DIF, optical and coaxial)
  • Optional MV8-OP1 adds 6 analog outputs, one digital input and one R-BUS port and one digital S/P-DIF input (optical and coaxial).
  • Large LCD with icon display and Realtime Control knobs for easy onboard operation
  • Optional MV8-VGA board enables connection and convenient operation via screen (VGA monitor) and mouse.
  • Pix Jam function for triggering your own graphics via the pads or for triggering graphics in sync with the music via the sequencer. V-LINK function for controlling Edirol video devices (not included)
  • Internal CD-RW drive, 3.5” floppy disk drive and 40GB hard disk for data storage
  • A complete studio for modern productions

    No other hardware studio on the market comes close to the MV-8000 when it comes to creating songs from raw samples. With up to 100 minutes of sample time (when recording in mono) and compatibility with a wide range of audio formats, the MV-8000 offers unlimited possibilities. Recording sequences is a breeze thanks to the 16 velocity-sensitive pads with aftertouch and the graphic LCD. Both audio and MIDI tracks can be recorded, applied with effects and burned to CD as a finished master.

  • From the sample to the finished CD

    Thanks to the internal CD-RW drive, producers have the option of producing complete songs using only an MV-8000 and audio CDs. The sampler is able to load sample libraries in different formats - from Roland and Akai to .WAV and ACID - all with a few simple touches. All you have to do now is enter beats and arrange and add effects to the song before burning it onto an audio CD.

  • 136 sequencer tracks, pattern mode and automation

    The MV-8000 sequencer section offers total integration of audio and MIDI on up to 136 recording tracks. These include 128 MIDI tracks (2 x 16 MIDI channels for external MIDI instruments) and eight stereo audio tracks (16 mono). Many producers appreciate the linear working method of the MV-8000, but the MV-8000 also masters pattern-based composing. Program beats on the MIDI tracks and combine them with freestyle vocals or acoustic instruments on the audio tracks - including the ability to "punch in" at any time. The innovative MV-8000 is even able to synchronize audio material to the BPM of the sequencer. Furthermore, muting, volume and panorama,

  • Luxurious velocity pads and LC display

    Thanks to the 16 pads for programming beats and triggering audio phrases, owners of MPC Sampling Studios can use the MV-8000 immediately without having to give up their usual playing feel. The pads are velocity sensitive and feature aftertouch for maximum expressiveness. Combined with the MV-8000's large graphic LCD and Realtime Control knobs, they make sequencing more spontaneous and intuitive. Operation becomes even more convenient if you install the optional MV8-VGA board, because then the MV-8000 can be operated completely via a connected VGA monitor and mouse.

  • Compatible with all major audio formats

    The MV-8000 is compatible with all popular formats including the ability to read Akai MPC disks via the internal floppy disk drive. You can load Roland S-700 and Akai MPC2000 libraries as well as .WAV/AIFF files directly from CD-ROM or via USB, as well as process and import audio data from CDs. The MV-8000 also loads ACID files and is able to automatically calculate bars and BPM, making working with loops extremely easy. Of course you can also sample yourself - there is a special phono input for recording vinyl records.

  • Studio quality effects and CD-RW drive

    The dream of a complete studio in one case becomes reality with four special effects processors and an internal CD-RW drive. The MV-8000 offers 24-bit reverb, separate chorus/delay effects and a versatile MFX (multi-effects) processor with COSM effects, which are known worldwide from Roland's high-class V-Studios. These include algorithms like isolator, filter, delay, RSS®, guitar multi, vocoder and microphone modeling, as well as vintage effects like Roland's RE-201 Tape Echo, SDD-320 Dimension D Chorus and the SBF-325 Stereo Flanger. A mastering tool kit provides everything you need to polish the mix before burning the stereo data to CD or exporting it to a computer as a .WAV file.

  • 40GB hard drive

    The MV-8000 stores its sounds and projects on an internal 40GB hard drive. This makes it easy to manage the largest sound libraries once they have been converted to MV-8000 format. Via USB, the hard drive can be displayed directly on the desktop of a computer. (It cannot record directly to HDD. Recordings are recorded to internal RAM and then saved to HDD.)

  • Lots of possibilities

    Adding an optional MV8-OP1 expansion board gives you six additional analog outputs, one digital input, and an R-BUS port that can transfer eight audio channels simultaneously to R-BUS equipped V-Studios. With Roland's V-LINK technology, the MV-8000 is capable of running and manipulating video clips via optional Edirol video decks. When it comes to sampling studios, you should only choose the best: Roland.

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