Rode PODMIC Dynamic Podcasting Microphone

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Rode PodMic Dynamic Microphone

The PodMic is a broadcast-grade dynamic microphone designed for podcast applications. With a built-in pop filter and a rich, even sound it will give your voice a silky, professional quality. The PodMic can be used with any XLR interface, but is optimised for use with the RodeCaster Pro.Built for PodcastingWhen Rode designed the PodMic, we set out to create the ultimate Podcasting microphone. Durable, great-sounding, easy to use and flexible. Whether your podcast features screaming sports commentary or intimate poetry readings, the PodMic will deliver a balanced, easy-to-listen-to vocal tone that your listeners will love.End the PopsThe end-fire dynamic capsule is protected by a stainless steel mesh grille and a integrated pop shield, allowing you to get up close to the microphone for that intimate 'radio' sound.Solid ConstructionWith an all-metal construction, the PodMic is built to last. The robust swing-arm mounting matches perfectly to the R�DE PSA1 boom arm for ultimate flexibility and convenience.Matched with RodeCaster ProThe PodMic will give great results with any XLR interface, but has been optimised for use with the R�DECaster Pro integrated podcast production console. Simply select 'PodMic' as your microphone type using the touch screen on the RodeCaster Pro and the console will automatically apply the right settings to deliver the best possible results from your PodMic whatever your voice type.Features:Broadcast quality dynamic capsuleOptimised for speech applicationsInternal pop fi lter to minimise plosivesRobust, all metal constructionOptimised for use with RodeCaster ProconsoleGet your Rode PodMic Dynamic Microphone today at the guaranteed lowest price from Sam Ash with our 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Product Details

- Broadcast quality dynamic capsule
- Optimised for speech applications
- Internal pop fi lter to minimise plosives
- Robust, all metal construction