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hree-way reference active monitors with all the attributes of PMC's large ATL reference active monitors but in a more compact form ideal for high-end reference monitoring in both stereo and surround formats. Sold as single unit

The DSP-controlled, Class-D powered cabinets make use of PMC's ATL (Advanced Transmission Line) bass-loading technology, providing a smoothly controlled, high-resolution low-frequency response. Each cabinet features PMC's hand-built preparatory drivers - the 10-inch carbon-fibre/Nomex? piston, 75mm fabricdome mid, and the 34mm soft-dome tweeter. The power is supplied by PMC's ultra-low distortion devices that are conveniently rack mountable, providing HF 275W, MF 550W and LF 1200W of acoustically transparent power.

This single cabinet monitor features user-adjustable HF and LF shelving filters, ±8dB input level trim, and an AES3 digital input, as standard. The input sensitivity of the balanced analogue inputs can also be adjusted from +4dB to +16dB. In addition, the EQ, level trims and analogue/digital input election settings can be adjusted from a distance using an RJ45-connected remote, which is supplied as standard.

TechnologyATL Tecnology
PMC's unique (Advanced Transmission Line) enclosures have taken loudspeaker design to the highest level, using sophisticated cabinet construction, proprietary drive units, and patented absorption materials and techniques. The benefits are enormous compared to the relatively simple sealed and ported designs currently available elsewhere.
  • Type: 3-way ATL active reference monitor
  • Frequency response: 25Hz-25kHz
  • Analogue & digital (up 96kHz) inputs
  • Power per channel: 2025W (HF 275W, MF 550W, LF 1200W)
  • Effective ATL length: 2.4m(8ft)
  • Maximum SPL: 125dB
  • Three personal balance presets for multiple users
  • Available Finishes: Studio black
    Crossover Frequency: 380Hz & 3.8kHz
    Dimensions: H 745mm (29.3 inches) W 330mm (12.9 inches) D 564mm (22.2 inches)
    Drive Units:
    LF 250mm/ 10" PMC Carbon Fibre/ Nomex piston driver
    MF PMC hand-built 75mm soft-dome driver
    HF PMC 34mm soft-dome tweeter with acoustic radiator
    Effective ATL Length: 2.4m (8ft)
    Frequency Response: 25Hz - 25kHz Input Connectors:Balanced Analogue Main Input/ Through
    Sensitivity: Adjustable +4dB to +16dBu
    Weight: 46.5kg (102.5lbs) each
    Amplifier Power per Channel:
    LF 1 x 1200Wrms
    MF 1 x 550Wrms
    HF 1 x 275Wrm
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