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PMC BB6S-A (Pair)

PMC BB6S-A (Pair)

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Building on the unique heritage and 25-year success of PMC's BB5, the BB6 offers the same wide dynamic range and frequency response, 15-inch Radial bass driver, unwavering tonal consistency at all output levels and high maximum SPL (up to 128dB) of its predecessor, but with the additional power and flexibility of PMC's proprietary Class-D amplification and DSP control. Flat down to a truly profound 17Hz and extending to beyond the limits of human hearing at 25kHz, the BB6-A may be used in larger recording, mixing, mastering or outside broadcast applications, and is equally at home in a tower configuration or mounted in soffits - although soffit-mounting is not essential, as the ATL bass response is sufficient without the LF gain achieved by soffit-mounting.

As with the smaller MB3-A, the BB6-A can form part of a multi-channel loudspeaker system, for which the separate BB6-C-A is available. Subwoofers are not a necessity, as the BB6-A speakers already cover the 20-60Hz sub-bass range with plenty of headroom. Dedicated 'PointOne' LFE inputs are therefore included on each Power 1200 amplifier for use with multi-channel content, including film soundtracks.


  • Type: 3-way ATL active reference monitor
  • Frequency response: 17Hz-25kHz
  • Power per channel: 3225W (HF 275W, MF 550W, LF 2400W)
  • Effective ATL length: 4 metres
  • Maximum SPL: 128dB
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