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Whether you’re spinning decks in a dance club, making a hip hop mix, or just blasting out love songs at a wedding, the Phonic series of DJ mixers are designed to take the punishment of a rigorous mixing session from both amateur DJs and seasoned professionals. Take advantage of the two to six deck designs, allowing for crossfading across multiple input sources to create unique and dynamic mixes. Every aspect of the Phonic DJ Mixers was designed to make your life easy.
Beat-match using the beat-meters, create your own samples, add effects, or play back MP3s from USB sticks; the Phonic DJ mixers are flexible enough to help you ‘rock the house’ but priced to ensure you don’t need to sell off your vinyl collection to afford one.


  • Channels 1 to 3 on the front panel switchable between phono, mic or line
  • Incorporate MP3 and WAV files into the mix via onboard USB playback function
  • Stream audio directly from Bluetooth-enabled devices such as cellphones, tablets and notebooks 
  • Bluetooth function of the MX300USBW’s is also compatible with Phonic BTM-10 and BTM-20 Bluetooth microphone kits  
  • Mic 1 microphone-input via unbalanced XLR-socket on the front panel
  • Mic 2 and 3 microphone-input via unbalanced 1/4” jacks on the back panel
  • Separate tone controls (bass, middle, treble) on each channel for greater control over highs, mids and lows
  • Ultra-slick crossfader for mixing channels 1, 2 and 3 through crossfader assign button 
  • 2 beat-indicators by the crossfader for perfect mixing 
  • 3 LED level meter display (master out and cue level) 
  • Headphones-connection on the front panel with its own independent level control 
  • Additional cue-split/cue-mix button 
  • Mix headphone signal through cue-mixing fader
  • Output signal adjustable via master-control and balance control 
  • Master, booth and record outputs via stereo RCA jacks 
  • Record output independent from master-level 
  • Separate controllable monitor output for connecting active speakers or additional amplifiers
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