MXLTempoSK USB Condenser Microphone

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From game streaming and podcasting to audio production and web conferencing, nothing beats the crisp sound and supreme convenience of a mic like the MXL Tempo USB condenser. No additional audio interface is required — just connect the MXL Tempo straight into your Mac or PC, set your levels, and you've got premium vocal and instrument pickup to enhance your production value and increase your online intelligibility. The MXL Tempo sports a metal body and grille for dependable performance and sleek on-camera looks. Not only that, but a rich 40Hz–18kHz frequency response with 16-bit/48kHz Delta Sigma conversion ensures your source material won't get lost in translation. A low-noise FET preamp and balanced transformerless output reduce noise on the way in. The MXL Tempo also comes loaded with convenient features, such as a high-fidelity headphone output for onboard monitoring and an LED to indicate when the mic is on. Even better, the MXL Tempo includes all you need to get started: a USB cable, a stand mount (for traditional stand adaptation), and a mini desktop tripod stand for web use.