MODAL - ARGON8X - 8-voice wavetable synthesizer with 61 keys

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Wavetable synthesizer

The 120 wavetables onboard the Argon 8X provide a huge range of audio potential. Split into 24 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets, the wavetables cover a range of sounds from virtual analog classics to cutting edge EDM. These include many of the sounds available with the original Modal 002 as well as a whole range of mathematically generated tables.

Static wavetable modifiers

32 static wavetable modifiers can be applied to the 120 wavetables to give a huge array of permutations and waveshapes. These include de-rez, wave folders, wave shapers, phase shapers and rectify. As well as this, 32 high-resolution wavetable oscillators, four per voice, ensure you’ll never run out of sound processing options. These oscillators can then be modulated using one of eight onboard modifiers including Phase Mod (FM), Ring Mod, Amp Mod, Hard Sync and Windowed Sync.

61 full size keys

The Argon 8X features 61 full-size keys with both velocity and aftertouch. The key bed is combined with a 1.54” OLED display, providing immediate visual feedback of playing and editing parameters. The keyboard can be placed in various modes including mono, poly, unison 2, unison 4, unison 8, stack 2 and stack 4. The keyboard helps allow the user to make full use of the built-in programmable arpeggiator. The arpeggiator offers 32 steps, with rest capability up to 2048 steps, before repeating. Other features include glide/portamento with both legato and staccato modes.

State-variable filters

The Argon 8X features four, 2-pole state-variable filters. The ‘Standard’ filters are based on the resonant filter found across various Modal products ((SKULPTsynthesiser, CRAFTsynth2.0). The ‘Classic’ type filters have a more rounded character and softer resonance response.

Huge array of effects

The Argon 8X features three powerful independent and user configurable stereo FX engines. These can be utilised for chorus, phaser, flanger (pos), flanger (neg), Tremolo, lo-fi, rotary, stereo delay, ping-pong delay, X-over delay and reverb that can be arranged in any order. A 32-step programmable arpeggiator also allows for rhythmic synth sounds. The Argon 8X contains 100 FX and sequencer presets that can be quickly accessed to help streamline your creative workflow. The Argon 8X features four dedicated quick recall slots, providing accessibility to your favourite settings.

A range of connectivity options

A huge range of connectivity options ensure that the Argon 8X seamlessly integrates into your current studio setup. Quarter inch jacks are used for stereo audio outputs, headphones and to provide access for external control expression and sustain. A 3.5mm stereo input has the ability to route incoming audio through the FX. The Argon 8X can also be synced with an external analog clock for control over delay, LFO’s, sequencer and arpeggiator effects.


  • True 8 voice polyphonic
  • 120 carefully crafted wavetables split into 24 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets, covering virtual analog classics through to cutting edge EDM
  • 32 static wavetable modifiers including de-rez, wave folders, wave shapers, phase shapers and rectify that can be applies to the 120 wavetables to give new waveshapes
  • 32 high resolution wavetable oscillators, 4 per voice
  • 8 types of oscillator modifier
  • Voice drift and width controls
  • Multiple keyboard modes
  • 4 filter types


  • Polyphony: true 8 voice polyphonic, mono-timbral
  • Filter: two pole morphing resonant filter with multiple filter types
  • Effects: chorus, phaser, flanger (positive or negative), lo-fi, tremolo, rotary, 3 x delay types (stereo, ping-pong, crossover) and reverb
  • Keyboard: 61-key with aftertouch and velocity
  • Connectivity:
    • Analogue clock sync in and out (configured to the KORG / Teenage Engineering specification)
    • MIDI DIN in and out
    • Full size quarter inch jacks for stereo audio outs, headphones and external control such as sustain and expression
    • 3.5 mm stereo input with ability to route incoming audio through the FX
    • Class compliant MIDI provided over USB connection to host computer or tablet
  • Power: DC-9.0V-1.5A
  • Physical (width x depth x height): 885mm x 300mm x 10mm
  • Product code: ARGON8X