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MODAL - ARGON8 - 8-voice wavetable synthesizer with 37 keys

MODAL - ARGON8 - 8-voice wavetable synthesizer with 37 keys

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  • True 8 voices polyphony
  • Road-ready steel and aluminum chassis
  • 120 carefully crafted wave tables divided into 24 banks of 5 morphable waveform sets covering virtual analog classics for groundbreaking EDM and many from the original Modal 002 as well as a whole range of mathematically generated tables. Additional PWM bank and 4 noise / modulation banks available on Oscillator 2
  • 33 static wavetable processors incl. De-rez, waveforms, waveforms, phaseformers and correctors that can be applied to the 120 wave tables to provide an insane array of permutations and new waveforms
  • 32 high-resolution wavetable oscillators, 4 pr. Voice, with 8 types of oscillator modifier including: Phase mode (FM), Ring mode, Amplifier Mod, Hard Sync and Windowed Sync
  • FATAR TP9 / S Keyboard in Full size 37 with both speed and back
  • 1.54 inch inch OLED display - provides instant visual feedback to the user at all times of playback / editing
  • Bourn's uninterrupted rotary encoders by default
  • A 4-axis joystick that configurable a wide range of modulation destinations and practically 'locked' when desired
  • Three dedicated envelope generators for AMP, MOD and FILTER, available independently or all three simultaneously including negative (reverse) versions
  • Four filter types - Standard, Standard notch, Classic, Classic Notch
  • Waveshaping distortion
  • Drift and Width - Drift control that adds subtle nuances to the oscillator settings that emulate old analog hardware and a Width control that helps create massive stereo sounds
  • Three Incredibly Powerful Independent and User-Configurable Stereo FX Engines That Can Create Sophisticated Delays, Lush Reverbs, Flanging, Phasing and Rich Choruses
  • Glide / Portamento with both legato and staccato modes
  • Extremely powerful "Mod Matrix" with eight assignable slots with four additional fixed loops, 11 mod sources and 52 destinations
  • 500 patches, all fully editable and comes with 300 factory programs and 200 user patch slots. Patch upload and download through the free MODAL app
  • Two audio frequency LFOs with tempo synchronization (one poly, one global). Polyphonic LFO can be synchronized to frequency divisions
  • Sophisticated programmable arpeggiator on 32 steps with resting ability with up to 2048 steps before repetition
  • Real-time sequencer with number 512 steps with input quantity and four recordable / editable animations
  • Multiple keyboard modes, Mono, Poly, Unison 2, unison 4, unison 8, Stack 2 and Stack 4
  • All time-based FX, LFO and sequencer arpeggios can be clocked either internally or externally
  • Sync in / out
  • Full size MIDI five-pin your sockets
  • Full size quarter Tom-inch in Full size for both audio and external control, such as maintenance and expression
  • 3.5 mm stereo input with the possibility of directing incoming sound through FX
  • Fee dedicated app that works on Mac, PC, iOS, Android and works under VST3 and AU


  • Patch Memories: 500 patch memories, all fully editable and comes with 300 factory programs and 200 user patch slots
  • Presets: 100 sequencer presets and 100 FX presets
  • Clock synchronization: Analog in and out (configured to the KORG / Teenage Engineering specification
  • MIDI DIN: I / O
  • MIDI: Class-compatible MIDI delivered via USB connection to host computer or tablet
  • Stereo input : 3.5 mm stereo input with the possibility of directing incoming sound through FX
  • Power: DC-9.0V-15A
  • Chassis: Steel and aluminum, road clear design
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 560 mm x 300 mm x 120 mm
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