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MAPEX TND5254TCDK drums - with cymbals, 22" bass drum, 12" Tom1, 13" Tom2, 16" floor tom1, 14" × 5" snare drum, shell material: poplar, hardware part of the set, stool, pedal, holders, stands and drumsticks included in package.

Drumset: 5-Piece Shell Kit
Sound: Bright, Focused, & Loud
Bass Drum: 22"x16"
Tom: 12"x08", 13"x10"
Floor Tom: 16"x16"
Snare Drum: 14"x5,0"
Shell Material: Birch
Head(s): Evans
Stands/Hardware: C200-Straight cymbal stand, H200 Hi-Hat, P200-Foot pedal, S200-Snare stand
Hardware Finish: Chrome
Cymbals: 14"-Hi-Hat, 16"- Crash cymbal
Throne: T250 Drum throne
Specifications: Tornado series
Specifications II: 5 Pieces drum set