Mapex T575A

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The Mapex T575A Double Braced Saddle Throne has a raised centre and back edge which helps maintain your balance and achieve optimal comfort and playability - a great choice for any developing drummer seeking comfort for extended sessions. A soft vinyl covering provides an exceptionally comfortable drum stool which excels in its price range. This Mapex drum stool is fully height adjustable, allowing you to find your desired height, locking firmly in place using the memory lock and ensuring that you play at the same height every time.

This drum stool has a wide double-braced tripod base which provides great durability and stability during play. The legs are fitted with non-slip rubber feet, ensuring the stool does not slip, further adding to its stability. Known for great hardware, this throne is no different.

Key Features

  • Raised centre and back edge helps maintain balance
  • Soft vinyl covering provides exceptional comfort
  • Height adjustment tube with die-cast lock allows you to find your desired height
  • Double-braced tripod base provides great durability and stability
  • Specifications

    • Width: 17''
    • Thickness: 4''
    • Height: 16.1'' to 24.4''
    • Material: Soft Vinyl
    • Legs: Double-Braced
    • Feet: Non-Slip Rubber
    • Colour: Black
    • Product Code: T575A