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LINE6 iv15 SPIDER CLASSIC Amplifiers

LINE6 iv15 SPIDER CLASSIC Amplifiers

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nspired by the best-selling Line 6 Spider IV 15, the Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Guitar Amplifier is the successor to the amp that empowered a generation of guitarists to break through in their playing.

For so many guitarists, the diminutive yet powerful 15watt Line 6 Spider amp has been their gateway into the world of electric guitar, offering a world of amplifier tones and effects.

Today, the Spider Classic 15 builds on that legacy, providing superb amp and effect models with easy-to-use controls.

Spider Classic 15 gives you all the tone to take your playing to the next level. Choose from a core collection of guitar amp models and spark your creativity with inspiring effects, all dialed in by Line 6 tone-crafting experts. It’s no wonder that over a million guitarists worldwide rely on Spider amps for inspiring tone.

Line 6 Spider Classic 15 Guitar Amplifier features:

  • 15 watts
  • 1×8″ custom-made speaker
  • Four amp models ranging from sparkling clean to high-gain metal
  • Six Smart FX (2 at once) based on celebrated stompbox and studio effects
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