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iLine - Mobile Music Cable Kit

iLine - Mobile Music Cable Kit

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The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit is a set of six high-quality audio cables that aim to provide users of smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and laptops with the tools to handle virtually any signal routing and any cabling situation.

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't have the right cable you needed? With the iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit you will always have a choice. The complete set of six high-quality audio cables is specially designed for users of smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and laptops.


-24K gold-plated connectors for maximum connectivity in all situations.

-Highly pure copper wires for the highest signal quality.

-Low-capacity insulation to preserve transients.

-Highly effective shielding.

-The case includes a briefcase.

-Made in Italy.

-Compatible with smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and most heigh-end audio devices.

The kit includes the following cables:

Mono Output Adapter

3.5mm stereo jack male to 6.3mm jack female. Can be used to connect the output of a mobile device with IK AmpliTube or another multiFX application, to the mono input of another device.

Input Output Extension

3.5mm jack TRRS male to 3.5mm jack TRRS female. Extension of 3.5 mm TRRS cable with a length of 60 cm.

Stereo Aux

3.5mm stereo male jack to 3.5mm stereo male. A 150cm long cable can be used if you need a long stereo cable of this type.

Headphone Splitter

3.5mm jack stereo male to 2x 3.5mm jack stereo female. It allows the connection of two pairs of headphones (we recommend using the same headphones, especially the same impedance) or speakers from one stereo 3.5mm jack output.

RCA Output Adapter

3.5mm jack stereo male to 2x RCA (cinch) mono male. This cable allows you to connect mobile devices to DJ devices or home hi-fi stereo with RCA I / O.

Mono Output Splitter

2.5mm jack stereo male to 3x 6.3mm mono female. A great solution for connecting a mobile device to a mixing console. The 6.3mm female jacks allow the subsequent connection of standard 6.3mm cables of any length, which are commonly used in studios.

This kit also comes with a practical travel case, which allows users to easily organize and ensure that no cable is ever lost.


  • Connector 1: Miscellaneous
  • Connector 2: Miscellaneous
  • Cable type: Interconnect
  • Black colour
  • Number of pieces: 6
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