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IK MULTIMEDIA iRig PowerBridge

IK MULTIMEDIA iRig PowerBridge

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IK Multimedia iRig PowerBridge Lightning connector power supply and charger for iPhone, iPad and iRig Digital Devices.

The goal is to always have enough energy and never run out!
Introducing iRig PowerBridge, which allows you to charge and operate your iOS device and connected iRig accessories continuously and in parallel. The iRig PowerBridge is an ultra-quiet, audiophile power controller for your favorite Lightning mobile device and compatible IK multimedia products.
The iRig powerBridge simultaneously combines power with a low-noise audiophile power controller. You can charge your iPhone/iPad in parallel while the audio and MIDI information and signal continue to flow uninterrupted.
Perfect accessory for following IK Multimedia devices: iRig Mic Studio, iRig Mic HD, iRig Keys, iRig Pro, iRig HD, iRig Pads and iRig MIDI 2.

Easy to carry.
The iRig PowerBridge is as easy to carry as possible and is as light and compact as possible. Just put it in your bag and go to the rehearsal room. The easy-to-use LED charging indicator constantly shows which device is being charged.

- Allows simultaneous, uninterrupted power delivery to an iOS device and an iRig digital accessory.
- Compatible with iRig devices with Mini-DIN and Micro-USB connectors.
- Low-noise, audiophile-grade power control.
- LED indicator shows if a device is charging.
- Size: 44mm x 27mm x 21mm (without cable)
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