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Ibanez rgd61alms

Ibanez rgd61alms

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Featuring Fishman Fluence Modern humbucking pickups and a multi-scale neck, the Ibanez Axion Label RGD61ALMS combines epic tone with eminent playability. The Fluence Modern pickups deliver a huge range of aggressive sounds, further expanded by the push-pull voicing switch on the master volume control. And the RGD61ALMS is loaded with the Ibanez Mono-rail hardtail bridge, which maximizes sustain and note articulation. Complete with Gotoh locking tuners for impressive tuning stability, the Ibanez Axion Label RGD61ALMS is a gig-ready guitar that's sure to impress.

Multi-voice Fluence Modern Ceramic pickup provides two distinct voices

The Fluence Modern provides you with the choice of two unique, selectable voices. The Fluence Modern Humbucker ceramic pickup's first voice is reminiscent of a modern active pickup. Plug into your amp and treat yourself to that familiar modern active pickup with tight bass, crisp highs, and a touch of growl. The second voice is a high-output humbucker tone made for distortion. Don't worry, both voices deliver the unmistakable humbucker sound!

Multi-scale frets for comfort, tension, and tone

Multi-scale frets are an exciting trend in guitar design aimed at down-tuned and technical playing. Matched to your fretting hand's natural angle of movement, you get a longer scale length on the bass side of the instrument and a shorter scale on the treble side. Not only does this offer you better intonation across all strings, but the higher tension on the low strings adds muscle and punch to your tone. The multi-scale neck construction equalizes that tension, resulting in a vibrant, open tone. At the same time, the higher strings have a familiar scale length for great single-string performance. While getting used to a multi-scale fretboard may seem intimidating, guitarists at Sweetwater have found that it's a very natural transition.

Your fingers will fly on this super-fast Nitro Wizard neck

One of Ibanez's fastest necks to date, the Nitro Wizard neck on the Axion Label RGD61ALMS is an absolute pleasure to play. This slim and super-comfortable neck lets you pull off lighting-fast runs and arpeggios with ease, but still gives you the substance you need for fretting chords. From the first time you wrap your hand around the Nitro Wizard neck, you'll know you've got a guitar that was built with performance in mind.

Ibanez Axion Label RGD61ALMS Solidbody Electric Guitar Features:

  • Designed for fast, technical playing
  • Fast and smooth Nitro Wizard neck plays fast and smooth
  • Wide tonal range from Fishman Fluence Modern active humbucking pickups
  • Push-pull voicing switch on master volume control
  • Impressive sustain and note articulation with the Mono-rail bridge
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