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 Transformer taps for 100V/1.25/2.5/5.0/10/15W/8 Ω
• Corresponding impedance 8k/4k/2k/1k/670Ω
• Average sensitivity: 90 ± 2 dB 1W/1m
• Maximum SPL 1m: 94 ± 2 dB/15W
• Frequency response: 75 Hz ~ 20 kHz
• Operating temperature: -20°C ~ 100°C
• Power selection method: rotary selector
• Impedance: 8 ohms
• Weight: 950g


Equipped with a superior 3”/5.25” woofer and an ethereal 1” tweeter, Pandora Series is able to maintain high audio performance with low insertion loss. Units come with transformer taps or impedance selection device for P.A. purposes. The LI loudspeakers are the only speakers in the world at the moment that allows the user to select different impedance (4/8/16 ohms). The series can serve discrete applications including open-air café, attraction park, lounge, cruise ship, swimming pool, garden and school.

Integrated with special waterproof terminal cover and a stainless U-bracket, the water resistance and moisture tolerance have been amplified significantly to a new level, rated IP 65, to withstand different outdoor environments. This series will grant satisfaction to clients, who are looking for intelligible, attractive and supportive outdoor loudspeaker.

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