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The m905 Analog from Grace Design is a reference monitor controller designed to deliver mastering-quality monitoring to your home or professional studio. The system features a Remote Control Unit (RCU) and an Analog Control Unit (ACU) that connects via the included Cat5 cable. The RCU features a color graphical LCD display and dedicated tactile control over all functions that allows you to switch between a variety of input sources.
The ACU houses all analog connections including two pairs of balanced XLRs and one pair of unbalanced RCA inputs, as well as a balanced 1/4" headphone output. Additionally, the unit has three stereo pairs of balanced speaker outputs with two assignable mono sub outputs, giving you a versatile selection of monitoring options when mixing or mastering.
Note: The headphone output on the RCU is inoperable with the included Cat5 cable. A 25' serial cable is available as an upgrade, which allows the RCU headphone port to be fully functional.


• Balanced and unbalanced analog inputs
• CUE & talkback mic
• Audio circuitry designed for transparent playback
• Hybrid RCU with hardware switches, large level encoder, and graphical LCD
• LCD display shows input, level, output, and SPL status plus a full calibration menu
• RCU includes built-in microphone for talkback and onboard SPL meter
• SPL meter features include level, peak, fast and slow modes, and A & C weighting
• Precision 0.5 dB step level control for speakers and headphones
• Reference headphone amplifier circuitry with outputs on ACU
• Dedicated mono, dim, mute, and sub mute switches
• Mono mode can be set to L+R summed, L only in both channels, or R only in both channels
• L solo, R solo, L-R, and sub solo modes available
• 3 available stereo speaker outputs, with 2 assignable mono sub outputs (or single stereo sub output)
• METER out mode fed by selected input signal, configurable with a fixed level or to follow the monitor level
• Detachable RCU tilt base