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FRANZ SANDNER upright piano UP-119

FRANZ SANDNER upright piano UP-119

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Upright Franz Sandner piano of German specifications with a hydraulic deceleration system on the keyboard lid, Japanese-made hammers, a kelebeki bridge and a spruce speaker which has undergone a special aging treatment for 2 years. 

  Franz Sandner is a musical instrument manufacturer from Schnbach, Germany. founded by Mr. Franz Sandner in 1924, it specializes in the production of string instruments and guitars. In the 1950s, due to the split of East and West Germany, most family members moved to the town of Nauheim in West Germany, inheriting Germany's excellent manufacturing techniques.

   In the 1950s, Mr. Franz Sandner’s daughter Sonja and his son-in-law Richard Schuh entered the company to take over the business, bringing many innovative processes to the company and improved the quality of the products. In the 1980s, the third-generation Dietmar Schuh also entered the company and began to cooperate with family members. He started to launch various musical instruments such as piano and wind music, which were sold to more than 60 countries around the world, gradually expanded the company's scale.

   At the beginning of the 21st century, the sales of Franz Sandner around the world are getting increasingly better, coupled with the rise of the Chinese market, so in 2002, Franz Sandner set up its own production base. Unlike most German brands, which are outsourced to other factories for production, Franz Sandner insists on setting up its own factory, managing everything from raw materials procurement to the requirements of production processes, to create the soul of German musical instruments. Therefore, allow performers to feel the sound of Germany.

   2023 is the 100th Jubilee of Franz Sandner, now we have products such as piano, violin, guitar, and wind music. Whether you are a beginner or a professional musician, we can provide you with the right instrument products to accompany your musical life and another 100 years of service.

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