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Crane Song Avocet 2A 7.1

Crane Song Avocet 2A 7.1

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Crane Song Avocet II A

7.1 monitor controller - set of 1x remote + 4x 19" mainframe

The Crane Song Avocet IIA is a high-quality 7.1 monitor controller with D/A converter, consisting of a remote control and four two-channel mainframes in 19" format .

  • Top quality 7.1 monitor controller with integrated Hi-End 192kHz 24Bit Quantum D/A converter
  • Volume control via relay
  • Per mainframe: 5 digital stereo inputs: 3x AES, S/PDIF and TOSLINK
  • Per mainframe: 3 analog stereo inputs, inputs 1 and 2 can be monitored together
  • All analogue and digital inputs adjustable in 1dB steps
  • Output level of the speaker outputs adjustable in 0.25 dB steps
  • Dedicated subwoofer output for each of the three stereo speaker outputs
  • Talkback function with option to connect a talkback microphone
  • Integrated headphone amplifier

Both digital and analog sources can be monitored with the Avocet IIA. As always with Crane Song, the analogue audio section uses Class-A technology. The digital audio section is equipped with the new 192kHz/ 24Bit Quantum D/A converter. To ensure the best possible D/A conversion, all incoming digital signals are upsampled to 211kHz and jitter is reduced.

The volume control is carried out via relays located in the mainframe. Sound discolouration or tonal losses such as when using potentiometers or VCAs are thus excluded.

The inputs and outputs of the Avocet can ALL be individually adjusted in level and saved in non-volatile memory. The digital inputs can be monitored either in 24 or 16 bit mode.

The remote control of the Avocet IIA has 3 selector buttons each for the digital and analog stereo inputs and the 3 analog monitor outputs. The digital DAW input can also be switched between AES, S/PDIF and Toslink.

The remote control has a graduated volume control as well as dim, mute, phase and mono functions.

A buffered output is available for connecting an analog peak or VU meter.

To enable communication between the control room and the recording room, the Crane Song Avocet has an integrated headphone amplifier and an input for a talkback microphone. This can be connected to the remote control and the amplification factor can be adjusted.

The headphone amplifier path can be fed from either the analog aux input, main or program. The level settings can be adjusted individually and saved in non-volatile memory.
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