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  • Seven different, individually adjustable ambience effects
  • Double tracking effect for a more voluminous voice
  • Enhance and Pitch Correct (incl. "Electronic Voice" effect)
  • Adjustable details for advanced users
  • Can be used universally thanks to flexible power supply via battery or mains unit
  • Built-in memory function to save your own settings
  • USB audio port for versatile use with a computer
  • Full control of your voice - without the help of an audio engineer

    Most singers do not have a professional sound engineer to assist them during their performance. The VE-1 is the optimal solution for a perfect sound without the need for outside help. With him, the voice always sounds like a pro, whether on the street or at a club gig.

  • 7 different echo variants

    The 7 internal presets don't just improve the voice in terms of intensity or depth. Each setting contains multi-layered reverb programs that have been painstakingly created. The effects will always support the voice in a meaningful way and never overdraw the direct vocal sound. The very fine settings in studio quality are the result of decades of expertise that BOSS engineers have gathered in the field of vocal reverb. Sound engineers around the world have contributed to the quality of this effect device with their input. The VE-1 creates great vocal effects, easily available in any live situation.

  • Who is the VE-1 suitable for?

    Studio-quality reverb is critical for any singer. The VE-1 is aimed at anyone who wants to spice up their vocals and sound like a pro. With it, every voice gets more space and brilliance, and with the simplest operation, even if you are an absolute newcomer to audio accessories. The VE-1 is particularly useful for singers who are traveling with a very small PA setup.

  • Built-in memory function for changing between different vocal sounds

    As a singer you are always in the center of the action. Sometimes you need a different voice tone from one song to the next. This is not a problem with the built-in memory function of the VE-1. It enables the retrieval of different vocal sounds. So you always have the sound you need at hand. The ambient sound can be bridged between two songs while the enhancer remains active. This is ideal when speaking to the audience. So you can choose between four different settings.

  • USB audio capability

    The VE-1 has a USB audio connection for recording directly into the computer. In this way, for example, professional-sounding YouTube videos can also be produced. With a microphone connected to the VE-1, you can record your singing with or without effects on any popular music software. It is even possible to mix a playback played by the computer and your own voice at the same time