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Thanks to its reliability and robust construction, the BOSS TU-3 is the undisputed number one among tuner pedals. The TU-3S offers exactly the same benefits but is made more compact to fit on any pedalboard. The display and tuning functions are identical to those of the TU-3, only the foot pedal is missing. The always-ready TU-3S is perfect for effects switchers like the BOSS ES-8 and ES-5, but it also cuts a fine figure in traditional pedalboards that are already packed to the brim.

  • The advantages of the market leader TU-3 in a compact housing
  • LED meter with 21 segments and adjustable brightness
  • High brightness mode for optimal outdoor readability
  • "Accu-Pitch Sign" function that visually confirms that the string is in tune
  • Chromatic and guitar/bass modes, 7-string guitar and 6-string bass are supported
  • Guitar Flat mode for "drop" tunings up to 6 semitones below standard tuning
  • Powered by an optional PSA power supply; DC Out socket for powering up to seven BOSS Compact effects pedals via an optional PCS-20A splitter cable
  • 5 year BOSS guarantee