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  • Next generation BOSS pedal with the patented, innovative MDP technology and custom DSP chip
  • Opulent spatial echo and ambience effects
  • Expands the natural instrument sound without overpowering it
  • With the freeze function, the ambience sound can be held indefinitely in order to solo over it or create additional effects
  • Responds very sensitively to changes in volume and playing dynamics
  • Lots of options for shaping the sound using intuitive controls
  • Mono/stereo inputs and outputs
  • MDP technology: Multidimensional signal processing for excellent sounds

    Roland's innovative MDP (Multi-Dimensional Processing) technology analyzes audio signals in many dimensions and assigns the ideal effect to each signal. By applying various dynamic modifications to the input signal in real time, the MDP technology creates new sounds with an unprecedented expressiveness.

  • TE-2: Inspirational echo effect

    Thanks to the MDP technology, the TE-2 offers a stunning new ambience effect that is extremely inspiring. Complex internal shaping creates an incredibly rich, room-filling sound that enhances the guitar's natural tone without being overpowering. A wide range of sounds can be achieved thanks to the simple and intuitive operation that one is used to from BOSS pedals and the sensitive reaction to the playing dynamics.

  • The 100th BOSS pedal!

    The TE-2 Tera Echo as the 100th floor pedal is a milestone in the long history of BOSS effects. Beginning with the OD-1 Overdrive in 1977, BOSS stompboxes have become an integral part of the guitar world's effects boards. The TE-2 continues nearly 40 years of dedication and innovation, making inspiring, high-quality technology accessible to musicians everywhere.