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  • Up to two additional tones for three-part solos (intelligent harmonist)
  • Pitch shifting (up to +/- two octaves) also for complete chords
  • Extremely fast tone recognition and response + the very best sound quality of the additional tones
  • Four modes: harmonist, pitch shifter, "detune" chorus and 10 virtual vibrato bar movements
  • 7 types of additional tone (e.g. 3rd up), 4 types of double additional tone (e.g. 3rd up + 4th down)
  • Separate output of original sound and additional sound is possible using the two OUTPUT sockets
  • Pitch Shifter: Pitch can also be continuously adjusted using the optional expression pedal
  • Detune: Adding one or two slightly detuned additional notes for "chorus"-like effect
  • 10 types of virtual movements of a guitar vibrato bar - also ideal for guitars without a vibrato system
  • More extreme possibilities than with a real vibrato bar: up to 4 octaves up, 3 octaves down