Boss OC-5 Super Octave Pedal

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Get the best of classic and modern octave tones with the BOSS OC-5 Super Octave Pedal for electric guitars and basses. This pedal combines a spot-on recreation of the legendary OC-2 with modern enhancements for scultping your octavized tone.

Vintage mode will give you the sound of the original pedal, albeit with better tracking for instantaneous octavized sounds. Poly mode allows you to track chords perfectly, complete with its range knob on the -2 Octave. This knob allows you to double only the bass note of a chord if you so choose.

New to the OC framework is an octave-up control, to give you sounds reminiscent of a 12-string guitar, or to enable you to play fat triple-octave lines. This pedal offers a Bass/Guitar switch, so you can better tune the voicing for your particular instrument.

If you wish to route the isolated octavized tone to its own destination, you can, thanks to a dedicated direct output. Otherwise, the pedal gives you the classic 1/4" instrument I/O path for traditional pedalboard implementations.