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The BOSS BF3 Flanger is the successor to the popular BF2 and of course can do everything that its predecessor had and a little more. All official flanging sounds can be adjusted in a really versatile way using the controls Depth, Width, Resonance (quasi a kind of feedback control) and Manual (changing the delay time changes the character of the effect). From subtle, chorus-like settings to the famous "jet jet" sound, a multitude of successful flanging sounds is possible.

The new modes (Ultra and Gate/Pan) produce stereo sounds with impressive spatiality. Independent inputs for guitar and bass also make the BF3 interesting for bassists, with an additional footswitch the speed of the effect can also be controlled by tap. The BF3 is also characterized by a very good signal-to-noise ratio.

  • the heir to the legendary BF-2
  • the best boss flanging effects
  • new Ultra and Gate/Pan modes for ultra fat flanging
  • Momentary mode
  • Tap Tempo
  • separate inputs for guitar and bass
  • stereo outputs
  • extremely low noise