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Behringer U-PHORIA STUDIO PRO Package

Behringer U-PHORIA STUDIO PRO Package

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TheBehringer U-Phoria Studio Probundle contains everything you need to start a home studio. The bundle consists of a UMC202HD USB-Audio interface for direct recording onto your computer, a HPS5000 headphone to monitor your recordings and mix and a C-1 condenser microphone.

The U-Phoria UMC202HD USB-Audio Interface is a soundcard with two inputs and outputs and an easy USB connection to connect to your computer. The sound card uses Midas microphone pre-amplifiers with which you can record with fantastic quality. The digital converters in the UMC202HD give you a quality of 24-bit / 192kHz. The UMC202HD can of course be used with the popular recording software such as Cubase, Ableton and Pro Tools.

The C-1 condenser microphone is a fantastic microphone with which you can easily record your voice or instruments. The microphone also delivers good performance when you place it in front of an amplifier.

The HPS5000 headphones have an extra large frequency range to properly display your recordings. The headset fits easily over your ears to keep out ambient noise. The HPS5000 gives a fantastic low sound and an extra clear high so that you can properly monitor your bass lines and high ends.

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