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Audio-Technica ATM350UcW

Audio-Technica ATM350UcW

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A stage condenser for any source

The wireless ATM350 goes where other mics fear to tread — like inside the bell of a screaming trumpet or atop a rock drum kit. Even at high SPLs, this low-profile condenser microphone presents a crisp, quick, balanced image on brass instruments, woodwinds, piano, drums, and strings. Its cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup from the rear and sides for effective feedback rejection, while its in-line 80Hz highpass filter cleans up handling noise for a cleaner mix.

Versatile 5" gooseneck mount

The ATM350UcW's clip mount clamps directly onto the bell of a horn, the hoop of a drum, or the soundhole of a guitar. It tightens by hand for non-slip performance, using rubber contact points to minimize instrument damping and sympathetic vibrations.

Violin mount and carrying case add value

In addition to the mic and clip mount, the Audio-Technica ATM350UcW includes a hook-and-loop bridge mount for violins and along with a carrying case for protection in transit. If you're looking for consistent sound from night to night as well as wireless freedom, Sweetwater recommends the Audio-Technica ATM350UcW.

Audio-Technica ATM350UcW Wireless Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package:

  • Wireless clip-on microphone system
  • Compatible with Audio-Technica UniPak wireless transmitters
  • 5" gooseneck provides a range of on- and off-axis miking options
  • Clip mount and violin mount reduce stands onstage
  • Handles high SPLs without overloading
  • Faithfully captures brass, woodwinds, strings, drums, and piano
  • Cardioid pickup pattern elicits a natural sound with minimal feedback
  • In-line 80Hz highpass filter fights handling noise
  • Carry case protects the mic in transit
  • 55" locking 4-pin cable and carry case also included
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