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AUDAC CS55/D 10 Watt Suspended Ceiling Loudspeaker
The CS series has been designed to be indispensable for audio systems with its obvious stylish design and powerful structure. These speakers contain high quality components to provide beautiful, warm sound reproduction for music, speech and announcements. The CS55 is an extremely high quality loudspeaker with a coaxial 4.25" woofer. This speaker is capable of producing 20W maximum, 10W RMS power. It is a 16 Ohm variant of the CS55 loudspeaker, with the added advantage of connecting speakers in parallel to a D version low impedance sound system. Cone moisture proof It can be used in damp rooms and exterior applications since it has special features, and the grille and body can also be painted to integrate seamlessly into the overall design.You can buy the AUDAC CS55/D 10 Watt Suspended Ceiling Speaker from our internet sales site.
Brand and model : AUDAC CS55/D 10 Watt Suspended Ceiling Loudspeaker
Drive Diameter (LF) : 5 ¼”
Speaker Type : Suspended Ceiling Speaker
Strength : RMS: 10 Watts, Peak: 20 Watts
Impedance : 16 ohms
Frequency Response : 70Hz - 14kHz
Outer Case : High Quality ABS
Dimension : 202.5 x 67mm
Hole Diameter : 165mm
Outer Diameter : 202.5mm
Depth : 67mm
Weight : 750 g