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COM12MK2 Audac Audio Amplifier PA Mixing Amplifier

PA mixer amplifiers from the COM series are the ideal solution for small to medium-sized commercial sound reinforcement systems. The amplifiers are available with different connection options and output powers and are characterized by enormous flexibility for a variety of applications. The COM12 offers an output power of 120 watts and is suitable for use in 100 volt PA systems or low-impedance systems (4 ohms impedance). Six input channels with independent level control enable the connection and mixing of a wide variety of feed sources. Four balanced XLR microphone inputs with 15 V phantom power are available for connecting microphones (practically all dynamic and condenser microphones), two of which are priority channels. Two further inputs can be used either as unbalanced stereo line inputs (Cinch) for connecting CD players, music computers or mobile devices or as microphone inputs (6.3 mm jack) - so that if necessary A total of 6 microphone inputs are available. In addition, the mixer amplifier has a remote microphone and a tele-pager input for expanding the system to include a paging system ("pager station", with gong/signal tone) or for connection to a company telecommunications system (or any other system with priority ). If the "Priority Mute" contact is assigned, coupling and muting can be carried out via an external fire alarm system. The output level can be controlled via a master volume control (volume control), supplemented by a 2-band tone control. The level is shown by means of a VU bar display (5 segments); Zone selection buttons (5 zones) are available for selecting the outputs. The amplifier is suitable for table installation as well as for installation in a 19″ rack (2 U, rack adapter included).

– 120 watts (RMS) output power
– Zone selection buttons (5 zones)
– Low-impedance and 100 V outputs
– Various line and microphone inputs
– Microphone channels with phantom power (4 x) and priority circuit (2 x)
– Remote -Microphone and pager connections
- Independent control of input levels
- Priority mute contact
- Desktop or 19″ rack installation

420 x 88 x 320 mm