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Audac baso 10

Audac baso 10

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BASO loudspeaker boxes are passive bass boxes for a variety of applications. The bass reflex design has been designed to be as compact as possible without sacrificing sound quality and sound pressure levels. The housings are made of stable, high-quality plywood and, thanks to the elegant design, fit perfectly into a wide variety of environments.

The BASO10 is equipped with a 10" high-performance woofer that offers a nominal power of 225 watts (RMS) and a peak power of 450 watts. The loudspeaker owes these excellent values ​​to the four-layer 1.5" voice coil in combination with a very generous dimensioned ferrite magnet, which ensures an extraordinarily powerful sound transmission. Together with the low-loss membrane suspension, this results in a highly efficient, linear loudspeaker behavior and an extremely wide frequency response.

The carefully selected, high-quality materials and the accurate processing ensure authentic signal reproduction down to the deep bass range - with a characteristic sound pressure of 96 dB and a continuous sound pressure level of up to 120 dB. The frequency response ranges from 54 Hz to 1.2 kHz and goes down to 38 Hz at -10 dB.

Apart from these acoustic aspects, great importance was attached during the development of the BASO10 to the speaker being as versatile as possible. The compact, high-quality and robust 15 mm plywood housing with textured paint finish also contributes to this.

The connection is made via two recessed, speakON-compatible connectors, so that the signal can also be looped through to other boxes. The recessed design also allows it to be placed directly on the wall or in a corner.

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