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Audio-Technica AT8004

Audio-Technica AT8004

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These are omnidirectional, dynamic microphones, designed for on-location interviews and sports broadcasting. They offer 'exceptionally clear and natural reproduction' and have internal shock-mounting that minimises handling and cable noise. The omnidirectional polar pattern is 'ideal for reproduction of surrounding ambience'. The rugged housings with hardened-steel grilles stand up to field use. The AT8004L has an extended-length handle, to increase the 'reach' of the reporter, with room for a microphone flag. Output: Balanced, 3-pin male XLR connector. Supplied without cable. Impedance: 300 ohms. Response: 80Hz-16kHz, sensitivity: -51dB (2.8 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa. Dimensions: 150mm/240mm long, AT8004/AT8004L, 35.8mm head diameter. Weight: 160g/215g, AT8004

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