Arturia FX Collection

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Arturia FX Collection
Article number: 9000-0061-8400
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General information

Arturia's FX Collection features all the effects from the popular '3 ... You'll Ever Use' series, meaning it includes three delays, reverbs, filters, compressors and preamps. All of that is enough to complete an entire mix without the need for any extras, especially considering the fact that each effect is a true-to-life emulation of the original bit of hardware and the result of decades of painstaking research, analysis, modeling and dedication. This collection is the perfect synthesis of past and present technologies, and enables you to give your mixes the kind of analogue warmth that'd have a mixing engineer cry tears of joy. Functions such as look-ahead tracking, side-chaining, envelope followers and advanced tone-shaping controls lift the effects to an entirely new level,