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THR10|| Yamaha Amplifier

THR10|| Yamaha Amplifier

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Though small and quiet, this stereo combo is big on possibilities...

The THR10 II is the smallest in Yamaha's II series, measuring just 368 x 183 x 140 mm and weighing only 3.2kg. Despite this, and looking like a typical lunchbox amp head, it's actually a tiny combo that caters not only for electric guitar but also for bass and acoustic guitar. What's more, it has stereo capability: as well as the digital modelling side of things, it houses a pair of robust 3.1-inch speakers, each driven from its own amp.

Yamaha describe the two THR10 II amps (there's a standard THR10 II and a 'wireless' THR10 IIW version, of which more later) as 'third amplifiers', for use on occasions when serious sound quality is required but excessive volume isn't. And judging by the tests I've conducted, it could certainly earn its place either in a studio that's stuck for space, or one in which there's a need to keep a check on sound levels.


While the name suggests this might be a 10W amp, it is in fact rated at 20W when powered by its included mains adaptor, or 15W when running off its internal lithium battery. (The latter gives you around five hours of playing time, so if you fancy trying your hand at busking or playing at the bottom of the garden you're good to go.) Although it's not monstrously loud, it still packs a hefty punch if you crank it up, and it could even be loud enough for a small pub duo gig if you don't have to compete with a drummer. For those who are new to the world of recording, both versions come with a download code for a free copy of Steinberg's Cubase AI (for Mac/Windows) and Cubasis LE (for iOS) DAW software.

The THR10 IIW wireless version, which is otherwise identical to the non-wireless version, caters for wireless guitar playing using the optional Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter. It works only with the G10T, not with older Line 6 Relay radio transmitters, and it charges the device for you as long as the amp is connected to a mains power supply, so you won't need to purchase a separate charger. All you have to do is plug the Relay G10T into the input jack, which causes it to sync its transmission channel with that of the receiver built into the amplifier. As it works on the 2.4GHz wireless band, the Relay G10T requires no licence.

The THR10 II caters for both an aux input and a headphone-emulated output.The THR10 II caters for both an aux input and a headphone-emulated output.

The bottom, rear and sides of the cabinet are made of thick, moulded plastic, but the top panel and speaker grille are fabricated from sheet metal, giving the amp a robust, professional feel. Orange LEDs glow behind the grille, and the power button has an LED ring that also lights orange when powered up. When powered down but still plugged in, it turns green to indicate that the internal battery is charging.

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