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Alhambra 4F Flamenco

Alhambra 4F Flamenco

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TheAlhambra 4F Flamenco GuitarfromAlhambra Guitarsreally catches one's attention. This upgraded version of the 3F model, bringing in some extra tone and volume, shares the same elements with its counterpart, that is the same noble wood material, the fingerboard being in ebony for example, only switching from the nickel plated tuning machines to gold plated ones. Its attractive orange color brings some extra warmth to the instrument. With solid german cedar top, sicomore body and ebony for the fingerboard. It has a strong orangy color varnish that makes it very unique. With transparent Pickguard.

  • TAPA / TOP // CALIDAD / GRADE:Abeto macizo /Solid spruce(Picea Abies)// “AA”
  • AROS Y FONDO / BACK AND SIDES:Sicomoro. Color naranja /Sycamore. Orange color(Acer Pseudoplatanus)
  • MANGO /NECK:Samanguila. Ergoneck /Mahogany. Ergoneck(Khaya Ivorensis)
  • DIAPASÓN / FINGERBOARD:Ébano / Ebony (Diospyros Crassi ora)
  • SILLETA / NUT & SADDLE:Melamina. Incluye silleta adicional /Melamine. Extra saddle included
  • BARNIZ / FINISH:Brillo / Gloss
  • CUERDAS / STRINGS:Royal Classics Preludio
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